From traditional music and dances to nyama choma and crafts fairs,Taita has a lot to show off.On the 22nd of September all roads will be leading to Galaxy Resort Voi.

Are you ready for the first ever happening Taitan Finest Festival?

1.Hangout by the poolside.

A dream come true!

2.Water Polo.

What happens underwater,stays underwater…

3.Tag of war.

How many muscleheads does it take to win a tug of war? Come find out!

4.Junk Foods.

A chance to make your body a temple where junk foods go to worship.


Meet the professionals that take images.Creating a timeless look,coupled with a flawless moment.

6.Live performances.

Nothing beats a live performance.Nothing

7.Keg & Beer.


8.Nyama Choma.

Celebrate a serious love for nyama choma!

*A Daylight littest event,with entertainment in check!!!*

Single tickets

Early bird-250ksh

Couple tickets


Group tickets

Group of 10-2500ksh

Venue:Galaxy Resort-Voi

Date:September 22
Time:10am till late

For tickets contact:



also available at Cafecito ke

Hurry up!!! Get your tickets now!!! Its gonna be a blast!!!

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Do You Know About Dating a Cougar?

Do You Know About Dating a Cougar?Most people have no idea of what cougar dating really is.
The type of older women dating younger men, or cougars as they have come to be known, are now in vogue for being the glamorous, beautiful and often rich half of their relationships.
But there is so much more to it than that.
These women are complex, exciting and intriguing.
That can leave men with a problem – how do you impress a woman who has seen it all before?
If you’re going to do it right, you just might need a little help from someone who knows this inside out•••


1.Bring your ‘A’ game
Do not, I repeat, do not approach a cougar with the assumption that because she is older she is also desperate and will take whatever she can have.
Quite the opposite.
This lady doesn’t need you to feel happy – for money or for support.
She is self-sufficient and that means you need to be on top game if you want to be something she feels she needs.
2.Buy her dinner
Don’t assume an older woman wants to pay your half, she’s a human and not a meal ticket.
Show her you are interested in more than just her wallet by reaching for your own.
She might bat your hand away.
She might suggest going Dutch. But she won’t be put off by the fact that you have manners.
Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that from the moment you meet an older woman that you are a kept man.
3.Make sure you always have an opinion
If you want to be more than just another pretty face in her past, make sure you always have your own thoughts and opinions to keep conversation lively and your new lady on her toes.
It can be quite hard to keep up with cougars.
They are often very well-educated and intelligent individuals, but if you are going to be spending any time with her you need to catch her attention and show her you are on her level.

4.Don’t be afraid to be strong and confident
It is not hard for an older woman to find a puppy dog that wants to follow her around and admire her.
What makes for a more rewarding and exciting partnership is if you have the guts to challenge and stand up to her.
Because she is older, independent and knows what she wants the expectation is for her to be the dominant force in the relationship, but that does not mean you have to be submissive.
Give as good as you get.
5.Honesty is the best policy
One thing you can guarantee a cougar has not seen a million times before is a man who is confident enough to be honest .
And by that I don’t mean telling her exactly where you’d like to stick it the first moment you see her.
Tell her what you are looking for instead, what your expectations are and see if you’re a realistic match.
Some cougars are looking for a quick hook up and some want the real thing, so get this out in the open early and you will both be getting what you want.
That’s win-win.

*One More Cougar Thing*
One last tip, remember every woman is different .
You can prepare to an extent but be ready to get to know individually for all her complexities and exactly what turns her on.


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Nairobi women have devised a new use for a popular sore throat remedy commonly known as Strepsils.
The lozenges are antiseptics manufactured to relieve the discomfort of sore throats, but which are now being used to create a sensational feeling during oral sex.
Women in the popular Kilimani Mums Nairobi Uncensored Facebook page have been sharing ideas on how to use the lozenges to spice up their sex lives.
The skill has also been shared widely among women in closed social media groups.
When taken just before oral sex, the women claim the lozenges have the effect of leaving a refreshing taste in the mouth during the activity.
According to members of the group, their men have also reported a better experience during oral sex when they use the lozenges.


City women who claim to have tried the new trick recommend the uninitiated to use the Strepsils Cool flavour. They say it has a menthol taste that leaves a ‘cooling effect’ on the man.
In the past, women have used ice cubes and ice cream to achieve the same effect during oral sex.
A word of caution though to women who may consider trying out the new trick: Its is important to cool off the menthol on the lozenges with water first before the activity so as not to ‘burn’ your partners.
The ‘discovery’ has led to the creation of the Facebook page titled Strepsils-For the ladies who know how to give it more.
In one of the discussions, a female user narrated; “I went to buy strepsils today. The man at the chemist started some interrogation,
unataka za nini, tonsils? Si ununue antibiotics. Real embarrassing . Then hakuna za menthol, regular zitafanya? Hahaha.”
“This nonsense with strepsils should stop. Nimeshikwa na sore throat kuenda kwa chemist kununua strepsils naambiwa za blue zimeisha,” ranted another user.
Yet another stated, “That akward moment umesunda #strepsils
chini ya pillow ukitegea bae a toke bafuni only to enter in the bedroom na kumpata anazimumunya mdogo mdogo…. ndio utajua mapenzi ni safari na hakuna fare.”

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